Increased emotional sensitivity among ‘Gen Z’ triggers fears of a generation of persecution victims

It may be that in coming generations, the lashes of the tongue will induce as much trauma as those of the whip.

Now that Gen Y has blossomed and seen the sun, can the ribbon on Gen Z be officially cut? What will Gen Z, representing the ‘final act’ of a triage of generations beginning with Gen X, bring to the table? And what can we expect to happen when the alphabet is finally complete?

New Age seers forecast a generation of indigo people to become readily apparent by the year 2012. It was predicted that the main difference between indigo people and their predecessors was their increased emotional sensitivity, bringing  with it a greater threshold to pain together with greater pain articulation. This coincided with rising awareness to the effects of intergenerational trauma among diaspora populations around the world.

In order to adjust legal standards to accurately delineate the degree of suffering caused, victims of sustained emotional abuse at the hands of co-workers and colleagues at workplaces and businesses may soon be classified as persecution victims.

While the actions of an emotionally abusive partner, peer group or workplace may appear to pale in comparison to the kind of sustained intimidation we generally think of when considering the term ‘persecution,’ due to the anticipated increased emotional sensitivity of coming generations, the suffering may be just as intense.

‘Tragedies occur daily when people self-sacrifice due to the ongoing emotionally abusive tactics of narcissistic workmates and colleagues.’

These episodes of trauma epigenetically impress themselves upon a person’s genes and are passed on, causing the maladjustment of future generations.


Archie Evans

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